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OXXO® Care Cleaners is an environmentally responsible dry-cleaning franchise in the United States and internationally. At OXXO® Care Cleaners, customers get the ultimate experience in garment care with; the use of the environmentally safe Green-Earth solvent for dry cleaning (no use of PERC (Perchloroethylene) or other chemicals commonly used by most dry-cleaners) and TOP Terra for regular laundry; the latest dry-cleaning European technology such as our 24/7 ATM-style pick-up & drop-off System; and OXXO’s® traditional but efficient method of hand-ironing. All garments are cleaned right the first time and personally inspected by an OXXO® garment care specialists to ensure superior handling and meticulous attention to detail.

The OXXO System rests on three fundamental pillars that make us the most innovative dry-cleaners’ franchise in the North American market.

Focus on the environment:

Not only do we use Green-Earth, environmentally non-toxic and non-hazardous solvent, but also all the products we are using are biodegradable, including our plastic bags! We do not use gas and industrial boilers. Our stores are air-conditioned boutiques with the best working environment for our workers.

Focused Convenience of our customers:

With the use of our 24/7 automatic systems to collect and retrieve their clothes, our customers no longer have to hurry to get to the dry-cleaner before they close. They can visit us at any time of the day ¡or night!, any day of the week with the confidence that their clothes will be ready and available with the simple use of our mobile App or our exclusive OXXO’s Magnetic Card.
Additionally, the technology used in our processes allows our Franchisees to reduce their operating costs in an important way.

Quality first:

All garments are treated with the most modern, efficient and cost-effective processes, and hand-ironed obtaining a final finish of the highest quality.

OXXO Care Cleaners has been in business since 2003 and today has over  55 stores operating in the United States and 8 stores operating in Indonesia through our first International Franchisee.
OXXO Care Cleaners currently has 60% Franchisees which are Multi-Unit franchisees of these 70% grew from one store.

OXXO Care Cleaners offers different business models, Plant Stores, Drop Stores, ATM Units, and Warehouse Plants. Additionally, OXXO has three Franchise Systems, Single Unit, Multi-Unit and Area Developer. A Single Unit manages a territory, the Multi-Unit Franchisees and Area Developers to operate a specified exclusive development area equivalent to a county, state or even a country.

For more information about the OXXO Care Cleaners® Franchise opportunity, please dial (954) 927-7410.

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