Meet the OXXO Care Cleaners Franchising team.

Senior Management
Salomon Mishaan, Founder, President, and CEO
Salomón Mishaan is the President and Owner of International Cleaners Corp., a franchising company that owns the OXXO Care Cleaners ® Mr. Mishaan has more than twenty-five years of experience owning and managing companies in a diverse set of industries including insurance, construction, plastics, and textiles in Venezuela and Colombia.
As the first businessman to bring this revolutionary European cleaning concept to the U.S., Mr. Mishaan quickly felt the demand to expand what is an ecologically-sound, energy-efficient and socially responsible cleaning system from South Florida to the rest of the United States. The OXXO Care Cleaners ® franchise has grown from its first store opening in Hollywood, Florida in 2003 to 45 franchises in the US and 7 internationally up to date. Several more are about to open in South Florida and the first store in Houston TX recently signed.
Nilma Fernandez, Managing Director
Ms. Fernandez has served as Managing Director of International Cleaners Corporation since its inception. She is is an experienced leader in the area of business strategy, strategic planning and business planning in international markets. Prior to joining the Company, she served as Chief Financial Officer of Sumidata, Inc., a computer and technology exporter in Miami, Florida. Previously, from 1997 to 1999, she served as President of Polifilm Group, a manufacturer of vinyl and plastic products based in Caracas, Venezuela where she had previously served as Chief Financial Officer. From 1992 to 1997, she was Chief Financial Officer of El Nacional, a newspaper in Caracas, Venezuela.
Mr. Jaime Remond, Vice President of Franchise Development & Real Estate
 Mr. Remond has been the Vice President of Franchise Development and Real Estate of International Cleaners Corp. since September 2015. His primary duties include Franchise Sales Development and Real Estate; which includes the involvement in lease negotiation, construction, permitting process as well as assisting Franchisees in Marketing.  He previously held the title of Vice President of Dryclean USA License Corp. in Miami, Florida from April 2011 - September 2015 and National Sales Director of MUSA, LLC in Hollywood, Florida from October 2004 - March 2011.
Fernando Fernandez, Sales Director
Mr. Fernandez has been Vice President of Operations North East of International Cleaners Corporation since 2006. From 2006 to 2010, he was the North East Operations Manager for MUSA, LLC. He holds an MBA in Computer Science, at the University of Philadelphia. He began his professional career in the financial area and then developed in the areas of Operations, Production, and General Management. In Venezuela he worked for multinational companies such as IBM, Data General and WR GRACE and then in an important local corporation, Unicon Industries (Conduven) in Finances, Sales Management and International Operations. Fernando joined OXXO Care Cleaners in 2006 and currently serves as Vice President of North East Franchise Development and he is in charge of the development of the franchise both in the United States and internationally. Additionally, Fernando supports the company's management in its relationships with Small Business Administration (SBA), International Franchise Expo (IFE), VetFran, and the Marketing and Innovation Committee of the International Franchise Association.
Elizabeth Pereira, Communications and Marketing Manager
Mrs. Pereira serves as the Communications and Marketing Manager for International Cleaners Corp. She writes and edits content for the OXXO Care Cleaners official Blog, OXXO Care Cleaners websites, social media sites and communications for franchisees and customers. She also designs the artwork for the franchisees. Previously, she served as the Administrative Assistant in International Cleaners Corp, for 2 years and before that, she worked in one of the OXXO Care Cleaners Drop-Off location for 2 ½ years. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, with a minor in Software Design and Development and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management. 
Angela Bonay, Administrative Assistant
Ms. Bonay joined International Cleaners Corp. in 2007. From 2005 to 2007, she served in various roles at several OXXO Care Cleaners locations.  She is currently in charge of the bookkeeping and accounts payable/receivable. Prior her inception, she was a travel agent for a company in Weston, FL.
Marleny De Freitas, Assistant to the Managing Director
Ms. De Freitas serves as the Assistant to the Managing Director for International Cleaners Corp. She graduated as an accountant from La Universidad Católica Andres Bello in Caracas, Venezuela. Ms. De Freitas have extensive experience in the area of accounting, financial baking and treasury, working in different companies in the financial, industrial, tourism and telecommunications sectors. She has been a part of International Cleaners Corp. for 1 ½ years, where she has a variety of responsibilities such as operating and controlling the stores owned by the Franchise, assisting franchisees in operational and financial matters, evaluating and developing special business projects.
Celedonio Fernandez, National Training Manager
Mr. Fernandez joined International Cleaners Corp since its inception. He is the former Training Manager of American Laundry, one of the largest garment cleaning franchises in Venezuela. Previously, he was a professor at Instituto Universitario Las Mercedes, Venezuela’s largest Textile Training Institute.  He graduated as Textile technician from Higher Technical Institute Guiseppe Guarella de Torino in Italy.
Rafael Mendoza, Technical Manager
Mr. Mendoza joined International Cleaners Corp since its inception. He has over 18 years of experience in the mechanical engineering field specializing in electricity, vapor and hydraulics. His experience includes working for various Latin American companies operating in South America and the Caribbean. Prior to joining International Cleaners Corporation, Mr. Mendoza installed, repaired and maintained garment cleaning’s equipment for American Cleaners.
Andres Romero, Operations Manager 
Mr. Romero has held the position of Operations Manager of International Cleaners Corp. since its inception.  Before it, he worked with the Predecessor’s Company (MUSA LLC) as the training and operation management for the Northeast franchise stores. From 2003 until 2005, he managed the Predecessor’s first franchise in Boca Raton. He is certified as a software and hardware technician of OXXO’ machinery, as well as a general technician for most of the hardware used nowadays in the dry cleaning industry. In his years of experience, he has also dealt with all type of software/equipment found at a dry cleaners store and have tackled the installation of most of the US stores and the stores in Indonesia. Part of his duties includes the SPOT system management and maintenance. 
Jonathan Duque, Installations technician & Warehouse Manager.
Mr. Duque have held the position of Installation technician of International Cleaners Corp. since 2013, where he also serves as a Warehouse Manager, Mr. Duque is involved in every aspect of all new and future locations, from inspections on the early stages of construction to making sure every machine works accordingly before the grand opening. He held taken technical courses in Italy and trained directly with OXXO’s equipment manufacturers.  He coordinates with the rest of the Tech Support team all operations involving equipment distribution, upgrades and pick-ups. He manages the warehouse’s incoming and outgoing of all merchandise, inventory, suppliers and carriers.
Natalie Mishaan, Architect
Ms. Mishaan has held the position of Architect of International Cleaners Corp. since 2005. She has worked in various projects, included but not limited to, overseeing the construction of our latest stores, carrying all the work up to the highest company standards and ensuring the project is sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing. She worked for several years At Koby Karp Architects in an architectural firm, building residential housing areas. As a part of the OXXO Care Cleaners green and healthy initiative, Ms. Mishaan has also finished her coursework and graduated as a Certified nutritionist and she offers health advice, tips and meal planning.

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