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OXXO History

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OXXO History – The beginnings

After spending his career owning and operating textile and plastic manufacturing companies, Salomon Mishaan (owner and President of OXXO Care Cleaners) realized how the dry cleaning and laundry industry was lagging and saw an opportunity to explore and innovate the business in this domain.

In the year of 2000, he invited a team of experienced business executives and identify efficient equipment, procedures, raw materials and automation techniques for dry cleaning, all of which would be non-toxic and environment friendly. Thereby ended up in developing what was originally a unique boutique-style cleaning store into a novel business concept for the U.S. market.  The team’s caring mindfulness, industrial background and identification of the model as an innovative industry, combined with Salomon’s business acumen and understanding of the demanding U.S. market, resulted in OXXO’s fastest-growing venture. 

Salomon modernized the global dry-cleaning and laundry industry by generating a unique concept through acute analysis, base testing, and a first-class team of professionals.  OXXO Care Cleaners® is a non-traditional dry cleaning franchise. It is socially and environmentally responsible, and the only dry cleaning and laundry franchise that requires the franchise stores, the use of Green Earth solvents and holds fully electric (non-industrial) equipment. And most recently, the only dry cleaning and laundry franchise in the U.S. utilizing an ecological laundry detergent containing renewable active natural ingredient derived from palm oil. Agreement made with Dersa; main player in the laundry market in Colombia, and producer of TOP Terra ecological laundry detergent, was announced in May 2017.

Using strong criteria to select potential franchisees, Salomon chose South Florida as the pilot region to launch the concept, as he felt that unlike other states such as California and Colorado, there was a lack of environmental awareness in this region. The harmful effects that Perc (percholoroethylene) and other harmful chemicals bring to clothing and to human health are not an issue at OXXO Care Cleaners®. 

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