Marketing, Advertising and Training Support

Marketing, Advertising and Training Support
Unwavering dedication to our franchisees is perhaps the most important factor in planning for the future success of OXXO Care Cleaners®.
Our main purpose is to motivate and support our franchisees on their business journey where they will achieve financial success mainly through marketing campaigns, as its proven to be a very effective tool.
In today’s business environment using such tools calls for a moderate to deep knowledge of the impact the web and social media. Our job is to boost your visibility and volume on frequently used high volume websites and search engines such as Google and Facebook, which have gained the trust of the consumers and where they go for recommendations.
We proudly provide tools needed to tackle the competition and make ourselves known locally, such as art work for postcards, magnets, business cards, stickers, brochures, door hangers, invoices, envelopes, calendars and email blasts.
We collaborate with experts on the field to make sure we’re always bringing our franchisees the freshest strategies on this ever-changing field and openly educate our franchisees on how to add new customer and retain the existing ones.
Marketing Tools: Easy access to our marketing team through promotions@oxxousa.com, plus we make sure to design a plan that fits your goals and demographic targets.
Franchise Website: On the website we have included microsites which are dedicated entirely to each of our stores where current and future customers can easily access their desired store, and where each store can promote their business by making use of our established online traffic.
Franchise Marketing Packet: An extremely helpful packet with various basic materials to help advertise your store such as announcement cards, door hangers, brochures etc.
Press Releases: Every month OXXO Care Cleaners PR Team sends out a press release to the media singling out the merits of our stores and highlighting their participation and integration with the community helping spread the word and expand their media presence.
Our strategy is to make sure each store has a strong database of existing customers. Repeat customers are known to cost far less than new ones and that’s why we have designed our strategies to mostly target attract and keep the customers happy so they come back for more. Ideally 70% of the profits of all our franchisees should come from repeating customers and franchisees that follow our strategy usually achieve such goals.
Receive industry-leading training at OXXO Care Cleaners:
With a combined experience of over 20 years in the dry cleaning industry and over 50 locations worldwide we have designed the training and support techniques our franchisees need to achieve success.
We offer hands-on experience and a comprehensive training program on how to operate our system as well as understand the best practices in garment-care, and most importantly receive that knowledge from our highly qualified trainers using the most cutting edge equipment in the industry.
Keep on top of things with ongoing support:
Our training and support goes beyond the classroom with ongoing support throughout the first year of operation and thereafter. We not only train franchisees in the day to day maintenance of the equipment but we also teach, the interested franchisee, how to repair most issues making them as independent as they want to be. Such lessons are known to reinforce training as well as make our franchisees feel safer as they go along the business by setting and achieving benchmarks, which promote success.
We walk our Franchisees through all aspects of the business, from establishing a corporation to and securing licenses and advertising OXXO Care Cleaners franchise owners become part of a network that we call the OXXO Family formed by knowledgeable and caring business owners with whom any Franchisee may share their experiences with along the way, while simultaneously receiving the support and backing of our operations staff.
At the end of the year we have our annual meeting, which is not only educational but also promotes the sense of community within the OXXO Care Cleaners family. After all who better than our own Franchisees to tell you what puts OXXO Care Cleaners at the top.
OXXO Care Cleaners® teaches franchisees the latest cleaning techniques, the latest and greatest technology in the industry and how to build a business. OXXO Care Cleaners is one of the best franchise opportunities available in the market.

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