Franchise Opportunities

oxxo aventura fl locationOXXO Care Cleaners® offers three different Business Models to fulfill the needs and investment of potential Franchisees. These models have been designed to cover areas as small as one single Plant Store up to an extension equivalent to a County, State or even a Country.

1. Plant Stores, Drop Stores, ATM Franchise Agreement

For those candidates to acquire just one store, we grant licenses to operate an environmentally friendly Plant Store where drycleaning and laundry is done in premises. This Plant Stores feature a 24-hour pick-up system. OXXO Stores, which do not do the cleaning on the premises, are known as Drop Stores. We also offer exclusive Unmanned OXXO Care Cleaners units where customers can drop off and pick-up cleaning and laundry by themselves 24/7. Franchises for Drop Stores and for ATM Units are granted only to existing franchisees operating at least one Plant Store.

2. Multi-Unit Development Agreement

We offer to qualified persons the right to develop a number of Stores within a specified exclusive development area in accordance with a Development Schedule under an OXXO Multi-Unit Development Agreement. The development area and number of stores to be opened (usually based on 1 store per 15,000 population) will be set forth in the Multi-Unit Development Agreement.

3. Area Developer Agreement

We also offer to qualified persons the right, within a specified geographic area, to acquire franchises to operate Stores and to solicit and service franchisees in the development area. These rights are granted pursuant to our Area Developer Agreement. Area Developers are responsible for identifying, training, servicing and supporting franchisees in the development area. The number of Stores that must be opened in the development area is negotiated between the Area Developer and us.

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