Get Involved: The Benefits Businesses Reap By Giving Back To The Community

A successful business should do more than make a profit. It should give back to the community. But that’s not saying businesses that get involved in giving programs don’t see rewards that are just as valuable as money!

“We encourage our franchisees to get involved and give back to their community,” said OXXO Care Cleaners founder and President Salomon Mishaan.

OXXO Care Cleaners believes in the importance of giving back to its community. Annually, OXXO Care Cleaners hosts a fundraiser to benefit Tomorrow’s Rainbow, a not-for-profit corporation that provides grieving children, teens and their families an emotionally safe environment for hope and healing through guidance, education and support.

You might be thinking, “Well, of course supporting a charity is a good thing to do, but how can it help enhance my business?”

Here are just a few benefits of getting involved and giving back:

Publicity. Supporting a charitable program not only brings awareness to the issue your business cares about, but it brings attention to your business as well. Creating a relationship between your brand and a specific cause is a great way to share your business’ culture and values with the public. By using your business’ website or social media pages to promote the charitable program, you are able to generate press for your business, and if you’re lucky, the charity might promote your business on their website or event signs in return.

Boost employee engagement. People want to feel good about the company they work for. A lack of emotional investment in a company can leave an employee feeling both unmotivated and unengaged. As a manager, having your business participate in giving programs and providing employees with the opportunity to volunteer engages them and can give them the satisfaction of making a difference in the community. Happy employees make for productive employees and productive employees make for happy managers. It’s a win-win!

Improve customer relations. Just like employees, customers want to feel good about the businesses they support. By getting involved in the community, your business can strengthen its existing relationships with customers while also building new ones! This is an opportunity for your business to show that it truly cares about the community’s well-being and allows for you and your employees to connect with customers on a more personal level.

Besides our commitment to giving back, find out more about why franchisees and customers love OXXO Care Cleaners by watching our OXXO franchisee testimonials!

Benefits of dry cleaning processes that don’t use steam

When getting dry cleaningBenefits of dry cleaning business done, it is important to know your clothes will be treated with the finest processes available.

When getting dry cleaning done, it is important to know your clothes will be treated with the finest processes available.

Traditionally, a dry cleaning franchise would use hot, industrial-grade boilers that create steam for the cleaning process. OXXO Care Cleaners is a pioneer as a dry cleaning franchise for its efforts to eradicate these sort of diesel- or gas-fueled boilers that have long been the standard of dry cleaners.

The steam these boilers would have created is transported around the shop by numerous bulky pipes, causing the area to be very hot. By removing that hot, industrial boiler, there is not only more space at every OXXO location, but there is also air conditioned workspaces, making working conditions more comfortable for employees.

The alternative to not relying on industrial steam boilers is also positive. Since OXXO Care Cleaners first store opened in 2001, we have continued to use superior and more innovative options when cleaning. We use Green Earth products that use a silicone-based cleaning agent rather than using harsher, carcinogenic chemicals.

Having made this commitment to switch away from industrial steam boilers and be a leader, each OXXO dry cleaning franchise proves non-toxic garment cleaning that is effective and safe for customers, their clothing, store personnel and the environment.

It all adds up to allowing each business to display a boutique style with the absence of industrial boilers, and a space where customers can watch the work on their clothes as it is done in front of them. This contemporary method offers peace of mind with a job well done, as well as being affordable and resulting in lower labor and real estate costs.

The benefits of dry cleaning processes that don’t use steam is just one of the ways OXXO Care Cleaners strives to be different for the betterment of all. Head over to the blog pages to read more about our methods and why OXXO is the premiere choice for any of your dry cleaning needs.

A Cleaner Dry Cleaner

The “boiler room” method of cleaning clothes is outdated. Today’s new methods (popularized in Europe) are much cleaner, safer and overall superior. So, why are so many dry cleaners still resorting to the boiler room? Mainly because these old boiler room systems are what is already there. For many cleaners, it seems easier to work with old equipment than to update and get with the times. However, when you consider the three main benefits to boilerless dry cleaning, you will see why it is worth a change.

Safer for Workers

Not only is the idea of working with modern machinery appealing to workers in the industry, but also the chemicals used in modern machinery are much less harsh than those used in standard boiler systems. Employees will experience a safer work day.

Better for the Environment

Those same harsh chemicals that are unhealthy for employees are not doing anything good for the environment either. The boilerless dry cleaner systems are more environmentally friendly than the boiler-based systems. Getting rid of harsh chemicals and old equipment that uses too much energy and too much water should be a priority for every owner of a dry cleaning facility. Find out more about our green dry cleaning franchise.

Client Benefits

Although the idea of changing out old dry cleaning machinery and getting used to a new system can be a bit overwhelming, in the long run it helps most clients. Since these new systems are more energy efficient, they save money. Additionally, customers feel good about visiting a cleaning facility that is doing its part to help the environment.

With these three distinct ways that boilerless dry cleaning can make a difference for a dry cleaner, it only makes sense to investigate the process further. If you would like to learn more about the boilerless dry cleaning difference, call or contact OXXO Care Cleaners today. Click to learn more about dry cleaners franchise opportunities at OXXO.

What does it take to open a dry cleaning franchise?

open a dry cleaning franchiseOpening a dry cleaning franchise takes a combination of vision, ambition, planning and funding.

A potential dry cleaning franchise owner needs to be passionate about the brand and industry, over 21 years of age and able to show good credit and capital for the security of the business.

OXXO Care Cleaners is a leading dry cleaning franchise that anyone with these qualities can grow and thrive in.

To ensure optimal success as a franchise owner, OXXO has made it simple for a potential franchisee to step in. OXXO Care Cleaners has a model unparalleled for a dry cleaning franchise, with services and features like 24/7 drop-off and pickup, no harsh chemicals and a hand-ironed finish.

Becoming a dry cleaning franchise owner may take hard work and determination, but the first few steps on the path are easy, especially when there will be support given every step of the way. There is always a chance to seek advice from an already established OXXO franchisor.

The process of opening a dry cleaning franchise begins by filling out the form on the website, calling or emailing. From there, a franchise specialist will be in touch about things like territory availability, financial qualifications needed and there to answer any other questions.

After attending a Business Overview phone presentation, receiving a Franchise Disclosure Document, meeting the corporate team in Florida and getting approved, the individual is on their way with OXXO Cleaners.

Franchisees do not need to worry if they don’t have a knowledgeable background on the industry. With training provided by the environmentally-friendly dry cleaning organization, the franchise system will give all training that is needed to feel comfortable.

Owners will learn the latest cleaning techniques and technology along with an entrepreneurial mindset to continually develop their business.

Ultimately, the dry cleaning franchise for OXXO Care Cleaners takes passion, no experience, preferably some experience in retail, management or customer service and the ability to provide good credit and capital. Interested in opening a eco friendly dry cleaning franchise? Find out about the OXXO Care Cleaners franchise difference.

2016 Dry Cleaning Industry Outlook

2016 Dry Cleaning Industry Outlook

Let’s face it, every industry has its ups and downs, whether it began hundreds of years ago or 10-years-ago. Although the dry cleaning industry has seen a decline during the past three years, the fact remains, no single company dominates the market share.

As the economy continues to improve, the market will experience marginal annual growth of less than 2 percent operating through 2016. Future growth is contingent on lifestyles, trends and environmental conditions for business advancements, especially when consumer demand drives the market. Moving forward, dry cleaning businesses need to focus on marketing strategies toward tailored households and professionally styled fashions needing specialized dry cleaning services.

While the improving economy begins to demand more of our time, small business operators should consider changes in drop-off and pick-up service methods. This forward-thinking model focuses on customer retention and appreciation, offering home and office servicing, or convenient drive-thru windows, adding a measurable value to the business. At the same time these added values support higher retail fees based on personalized service, allowing for increases in business profits.

Dry Cleaning Market Share

Typically, population levels and locations within business sectors influence franchise businesses and creates the perfect environment to capture the local or regional market share, especially as employment increases for commerce. Dry cleaners located near high-traffic, business-related establishments and work forces dependent on professional cleaning, have an opportunity to generate a surge in profit. Due to earlier economic circumstances, which eliminated the opposition in some areas, retail dry cleaners have less competition in this time-honored market and recognized prospects.

2016 Dry Cleaning Industry Outlook

Growth in the Dry Cleaning industry is fortified by the economic improvements, and dry cleaning operations will see an increase in revenue with slightly higher profits for 2016. Business operations will reinvest back into the business for acquisition of new technology and advanced equipment completing the cycle of recovery.

Interested in buying a dry cleaning franchise? Check out our OXXO Franchise Opportunities page.

Packing Up Clothes for the Season

As we enter a new season, it’s time to start packing up clothes for the season including sweaters, jackets and other winter attire. Most people don’t like to spend a lot of time on this chore. Nonetheless, you can prevent mildew, stains and moth damage by taking a few extra precautions and visiting a eco-friendly dry cleaner like OXXO Cleaners.

Packing Up Clothes for the Season

Be sure to check your apparel for holes. If you find any, sew them before putting the clothes away. Look in the pockets for misplaced items as well. Things like old cough drops or candy might cause stains.


Dry-clean or wash and dry your clothing thoroughly. This reduces the risk that odors, stains or pest problems will develop during the winter. Consider using an eco-friendly dry cleaning service like OXXO Cleaners, which will be better for your health as well as the environment.


As you look at each article of clothing, think “Will I ever wear this again?” If not, stop wasting storage space. Consider giving the garment away or selling it at a consignment shop.


Exercise caution when selecting a storage room for your summer outfits. It should stay dry and maintain relatively low temperatures. To minimize fading, keep clothing away from sunlight. Check the area for any cracks or holes that could help pests gain access.


You can prevent stubborn creases by hanging clothes while you store them. Avoid using flimsy plastic or metal hangers. Buy sturdy wooden or padded metal units for the best results.


If you prefer to save space by folding clothes, put them in clean plastic bins, cotton bags or suitcases. You can keep moths away by placing cedar blocks in these containers. To prevent mildew and pest damage, avoid using cardboard boxes or plastic bags.


If possible, put all of your apparel together in the same part of a room. This will make it easier to find next year. When you need to store clothes for multiple family members, sort them by person.

Finally, consider leaving one or two cold-weather outfits in your dresser: you might have a cold day in June. Remember that you can always visit OXXO Cleaners for eco-friendly dry cleaning at any hour you wish, thanks to their 24-hour drop off options. Click to find out more about OXXO Care Cleaners Difference.

6 Reasons Why Consumers Choose Eco-Friendly Companies

Eco-Friendly Choices

Most people favor products and services with ecologically beneficial features. Harris Interactive reports that four out of five Americans prefer environment-friendly merchandise. Green brands often forgo toxic chemicals, support environmental nonprofits or take steps to conserve energy. Consumers choose them for several different reasons:


1. Natural foods and cleaning supplies frequently offer health or safety benefits. Such items generally produce fewer skin and respiratory irritations. Unbleached coffee filters provide one example of an eco-friendly product that protects consumers’ health. Likewise, natural mouthwash is far less likely to cause cancer.

2. Around 62 percent of U.S. residents feel at least fairly concerned about the environment. They favor green living because it helps prevent air and water contamination. Eco-friendly products also support the wellbeing of plants and wildlife by minimizing animal testing, habitat destruction and pesticide application.


3. Just three out of 10 Americans express a willingness to spend more money for equivalent green products. Nonetheless, some people buy sustainable goods to save cash in the long run. Things like LED light bulbs, energy-efficient appliances and reusable containers initially cost more, but they reduce a person’s monthly living expenses.

4. Incentives from utilities, government agencies and nonprofits provide further financial motivation for some consumers. They usually come in the form of rebates or tax credits. These bonuses have encouraged many people to pay for solar panels, heat pumps and various home improvements.


5. Many people simply enjoy using eco-friendly goods and services because they deliver better experiences. For example, customers prefer the taste of organic peanut butter and the comfortable texture of cotton towels with no synthetic materials. Some individuals buy green cleaning supplies to avoid unpleasant artificial fragrances.

6. Consumers prefer to support socially responsible manufacturers and service providers. Genuinely eco-friendly features and initiatives often enhance a company’s image and make customers feel better about buying its products. People tend to trust businesses that strive to protect the ecosystem, help charities and treat employees well.

As concerns about the environment and physical wellbeing continue to grow, more and more people embrace eco-friendly buying decisions including dry cleaning. Many green purchases stem from a combination of ethical, financial, medical and personal reasons. This trend reflects the fact that now is an excellent time to buy a green business or eco-friendly franchise. Find out more about OXXO Cleaners Franchise Opportunities.

Want to learn more about OXXO Eco-Friendly green dry cleaning which is better for the environment and better for your clothes? Click Eco-Friendly

Tis the Season for Preventing Holiday Foods From Staining Clothes

Preventing Holiday Foods From Staining ClothesWaltzing through the holiday season is like walking in a winter wonderland of tasty foods and treats. From morning until night, there are brunch feasts, delicious dinners, rich desserts and snacks everywhere you turn. Food plays a key role in holiday cheer. But, while you’re filling your plate and satisfying your appetite, be aware of the damage they can do to your favorite holiday sweater. Each plate of delightful treats you consume could threaten your clothes with stains that may last long after the holiday season has ended. Below are a few of the foods to look out for, plus what you can do to keep your clothes from suffering holiday damage. Find out more about Preventing Holiday Foods From Staining Clothes…

Sauces and Dressings
Hollandaise sauce with asparagus, gravy on roast, oily dressings on salads and side dishes, butter on homemade rolls – these all add a mouth-watering finishing touch to holiday dishes. The down side is they can also add stains to your wardrobe that can be quite pronounced on any color or texture of clothing.

Your brunch festivities may include a colorful, nutritious fruit salad with fresh blueberries and strawberries; perhaps your signature dessert is topped with raspberry sauce; your turkey is probably trimmed with cranberry sauce, each of these foods can leave noticeable, bright stains that are difficult to remove.

Chocolate is a favorite treat any time of year, but even more so during the holiday season. Celebrations often include secret family fudge recipes, boxes of chocolate candies and desserts drizzled with sweet chocolate sauce. If you drop even the smallest bit of these foods on your clothes, though, you’ll have a serious stain and a major problem on your hands.

So, be careful when eating these delicious holiday favorites, doing what you can to prevent and spills on your clothing. Mistakes do happen though, and when they do, contact a dry cleaning franchise like OXXO Care Cleaners who can help you get the stains out before they set in. Don’t let mishaps with stains keep you from savoring special holiday foods and making memories to last a lifetime.

Are you interested in finding out how you can own a top eco dry cleaning franchise? Check out our OXXO Dry Cleaning Franchise Opportunities page.