Green dry cleaning trend fuels growth for OXXO Care Cleaners

south-florida-business-journalCreating cleaner, greener and more convenient dry cleaning has driven the expansion of OXXO Care Cleaners®  from one store in Hollywood to 30 locations in three states.

OXXO Care Cleaners features 24-hour pickup and the use of environmentally friendly chemicals to clean clothes. The stores use Green Earth, a silicone-based liquid developed in part by Dow Chemical, instead of the more common perchloroethylene (perc), which is toxic.

“What’s happening is perc is being phased out in many places, so there is a movement toward green dry cleaning,” said Jaime Remond, OXXO’s national sales director. “And we say dry cleaning is recession-proof, although there can be less dry cleaning when fewer people are working.”

OXXO Care Cleaners, and its parent company Musa LLC, is one of the exhibitors at the International Franchise Association’s Franchise Expo South in Miami. Company President Salomon Mishaan said the recession means more people are taking care of nice clothes longer.

“We were green before it was vogue to be green. We’ve done this since the year 2000,” he said. “Everything is visible to the customers, and the stores are kept clean.” | (954) 949-7562
South Florida Business Journal