A Cleaner Dry Cleaner

The “boiler room” method of cleaning clothes is outdated. Today’s new methods (popularized in Europe) are much cleaner, safer and overall superior. So, why are so many dry cleaners still resorting to the boiler room? Mainly because these old boiler room systems are what is already there. For many cleaners, it seems easier to work with old equipment than to update and get with the times. However, when you consider the three main benefits to boilerless dry cleaning, you will see why it is worth a change.

Safer for Workers

Not only is the idea of working with modern machinery appealing to workers in the industry, but also the chemicals used in modern machinery are much less harsh than those used in standard boiler systems. Employees will experience a safer work day.

Better for the Environment

Those same harsh chemicals that are unhealthy for employees are not doing anything good for the environment either. The boilerless dry cleaner systems are more environmentally friendly than the boiler-based systems. Getting rid of harsh chemicals and old equipment that uses too much energy and too much water should be a priority for every owner of a dry cleaning facility. Find out more about our green dry cleaning franchise.

Client Benefits

Although the idea of changing out old dry cleaning machinery and getting used to a new system can be a bit overwhelming, in the long run it helps most clients. Since these new systems are more energy efficient, they save money. Additionally, customers feel good about visiting a cleaning facility that is doing its part to help the environment.

With these three distinct ways that boilerless dry cleaning can make a difference for a dry cleaner, it only makes sense to investigate the process further. If you would like to learn more about the boilerless dry cleaning difference, call or contact OXXO Care Cleaners today. Click to learn more about dry cleaners franchise opportunities at OXXO.