2016 Dry Cleaning Industry Outlook

2016 Dry Cleaning Industry Outlook

Let’s face it, every industry has its ups and downs, whether it began hundreds of years ago or 10-years-ago. Although the dry cleaning industry has seen a decline during the past three years, the fact remains, no single company dominates the market share.

As the economy continues to improve, the market will experience marginal annual growth of less than 2 percent operating through 2016. Future growth is contingent on lifestyles, trends and environmental conditions for business advancements, especially when consumer demand drives the market. Moving forward, dry cleaning businesses need to focus on marketing strategies toward tailored households and professionally styled fashions needing specialized dry cleaning services.

While the improving economy begins to demand more of our time, small business operators should consider changes in drop-off and pick-up service methods. This forward-thinking model focuses on customer retention and appreciation, offering home and office servicing, or convenient drive-thru windows, adding a measurable value to the business. At the same time these added values support higher retail fees based on personalized service, allowing for increases in business profits.

Dry Cleaning Market Share

Typically, population levels and locations within business sectors influence franchise businesses and creates the perfect environment to capture the local or regional market share, especially as employment increases for commerce. Dry cleaners located near high-traffic, business-related establishments and work forces dependent on professional cleaning, have an opportunity to generate a surge in profit. Due to earlier economic circumstances, which eliminated the opposition in some areas, retail dry cleaners have less competition in this time-honored market and recognized prospects.

2016 Dry Cleaning Industry Outlook

Growth in the Dry Cleaning industry is fortified by the economic improvements, and dry cleaning operations will see an increase in revenue with slightly higher profits for 2016. Business operations will reinvest back into the business for acquisition of new technology and advanced equipment completing the cycle of recovery.

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