Packing Up Clothes for the Season

As we enter a new season, it’s time to start packing up clothes for the season including sweaters, jackets and other winter attire. Most people don’t like to spend a lot of time on this chore. Nonetheless, you can prevent mildew, stains and moth damage by taking a few extra precautions and visiting a eco-friendly dry cleaner like OXXO Cleaners.

Packing Up Clothes for the Season

Be sure to check your apparel for holes. If you find any, sew them before putting the clothes away. Look in the pockets for misplaced items as well. Things like old cough drops or candy might cause stains.


Dry-clean or wash and dry your clothing thoroughly. This reduces the risk that odors, stains or pest problems will develop during the winter. Consider using an eco-friendly dry cleaning service like OXXO Cleaners, which will be better for your health as well as the environment.


As you look at each article of clothing, think “Will I ever wear this again?” If not, stop wasting storage space. Consider giving the garment away or selling it at a consignment shop.


Exercise caution when selecting a storage room for your summer outfits. It should stay dry and maintain relatively low temperatures. To minimize fading, keep clothing away from sunlight. Check the area for any cracks or holes that could help pests gain access.


You can prevent stubborn creases by hanging clothes while you store them. Avoid using flimsy plastic or metal hangers. Buy sturdy wooden or padded metal units for the best results.


If you prefer to save space by folding clothes, put them in clean plastic bins, cotton bags or suitcases. You can keep moths away by placing cedar blocks in these containers. To prevent mildew and pest damage, avoid using cardboard boxes or plastic bags.


If possible, put all of your apparel together in the same part of a room. This will make it easier to find next year. When you need to store clothes for multiple family members, sort them by person.

Finally, consider leaving one or two cold-weather outfits in your dresser: you might have a cold day in June. Remember that you can always visit OXXO Cleaners for eco-friendly dry cleaning at any hour you wish, thanks to their 24-hour drop off options. Click to find out more about OXXO Care Cleaners Difference.